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In the inaugural episode of CloudChat, hosts Carl Schweitzer and Brandon Martinez introduce themselves and discuss their backgrounds. Both hosts have extensive experience in the tech world, with Brandon having 14 years of experience in software development and consulting, and Carl having nearly seven years at Microsoft, focusing on ISV and cloud scenarios.

The hosts discuss their vision for the podcast, aiming to provide insights into building and maintaining cloud solutions from multiple perspectives. They plan to cover a range of topics, including engineering, architecture, and operations. They also express interest in discussing emerging technologies like Kubernetes and AI, and how these can be applied in real-world scenarios.

The hosts also highlight their unique position of working with independent software vendors (ISVs) and startups, which allows them to see a diverse set of products and services and how they leverage cloud computing. They aim to share best practices and insights gleaned from these experiences with their listeners.

The podcast is planned to be released bi-weekly, and the hosts are open to feedback and suggestions for topics to cover. They also plan to invite guests to provide even more perspectives on cloud computing. The hosts acknowledge their bias towards Microsoft’s Azure, but also express their openness to discussing other cloud platforms like AWS and GCP.

The hosts conclude the episode by inviting listeners to reach out to them via email or Twitter with any feedback or suggestions. They express their excitement about the podcast and look forward to engaging with their listeners in future episodes.