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Agile Hobbies

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In this episode, Carl and Brandon discuss the importance of modern software development practices. Carl shares his experience transitioning a hobby project he started before becoming a professional software engineer.

The project, which began as a WinForms app, has evolved over almost 20 years. Carl discusses how he migrated the project to C# and eventually to a combination of WPF and WinForms. These changes have significantly improved the velocity, quality, and resiliency of his code.

The hosts also delve into the benefits of using branches in version control, emphasizing the importance of committing small changes often. They discuss the advantages of squash merges and the role of formatting in the development process.

Finally, they explore the concept of cloud readiness in application development and the importance of following modern development practices for cloud-based development.

Listen to the full episode for more insights into modern software development practices, the journey of transitioning a hobby project into a professional one, and how these practices can also be used in Cloud-based development, even for personal projects.