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Paying Forward the Postage

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In this podcast episode, we discuss deployment stamps, which are patterns or methods used to deploy applications consistently across different environments. We cover various aspects of deployment stamps such as:

  1. What is a Deployment Stamp?: We define what a deployment stamp is and why it’s important for consistency in deployments.
  2. Deployment Stamps in Cloud-Native Architectures: We discuss how deployment stamps are used in cloud-native architectures like PaaS Compute and CaaS services like Kubernetes, where services can be scaled dynamically based on demand.
  3. Multi-Tenancy and Deployment Stamps: We explore how multi-tenancy comes into play with deployment stamps when managing multiple applications or clients within the same environment.
  4. Networking Components and Load Balancers: We delve into the role of networking components and load balancers in deploying applications in the cloud versus traditional networking setups.

These are just a few highlights to the episode; join us over on discord to continue the conversation. We also want to hear from you what our next topic should be!

Thank you, Coding Blocks!

A big thank you to the hosts of the Coding Blocks Podcast for the shout out in one of their latest episodes. We appreciate the support and are glad to be part of the podcasting community.