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Your Ops Are in My Dev

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In this episode, Carl and Brandon cover a wide range of topics related to DevOps, including the technical and cultural aspects of DevOps, the role of scripting and automation, DevOps tools and infrastructure, communication and teamwork, and additional points on platforms like GitHub and Jira, monitoring tools, and metrics reporting.

DevOps Infinity Diagram Image credit: Atlassian

Technical vs. Cultural Aspects of DevOps

  • Only 25% of DevOps is technical, while the other 75% is cultural and mindset aspects.
  • Understanding technology culture, mindset, and implemented practices is crucial in DevOps.

Scripting and Automation

  • Scripting with PowerShell or other cross-platform shells can be a way to start working on the pipeline portion of DevOps.
  • Scripts can still have value even as your pipeline matures, especially for one-off tasks or for tasks that are not yet fully-automated.

DevOps Tools and Infrastructure

  • Platforms like Azure DevOps offer tooling for builds, automated testing, deployment to multiple stages/environments, and reporting on build results.
  • Standalone tools like container registries, Jenkins, and Bitbucket exist for specific operations, and may be used in conjunction with DevOps platforms.
  • Kubernetes-specific tools like Prometheus and Grafana are also available.

Communication and Teamwork

  • Effective teamwork and communication are crucial in DevOps, particularly within teams and across functions.
  • Defining processes through standard operating procedures (SOPs) or working contracts can ensure alignment among team members.
  • Organizational changes may be necessary to deliver value to users faster, aligning with business drivers and technical requirements.